Why Is The CEO Hiding?

Welcome Inductee #1 into the Customer Experience Hall of Shame...

I called the main customer service 800 number of a large regional homeowners insurance company last week.  I didn’t want to call their customer service department, but was compelled to when there was absolutely no trace of contact information available for their corporate executive office.  Nothing on their website.  Nothing in the Yellow Pages.  It was like they didn’t exist.

Wait — it gets better…  After being on hold for about ten minutes, I got a service representative on the line:

Service rep:  “How can I help you?”

Me:  “I’m trying to reach your executive offices, to speak to your CEO, can you connect me with his office?”

Service rep:  “Ummm…  I’m not sure that the CEO speaks to the public.  I’ll transfer you to our Human Resources department!”

And then I was dumped into the voice mail of a Human Resources generalist.

Not sure the CEO speaks to the public?  That’s an interesting way for a chief executive to keep his or her pulse on the market!