Two Words You Might Be Hearing More Of: “I Quit”

It's been a while since companies had to worry about resignations, but the tide may be turning.

Shortly after my blog post last month, “Are You Ready For The Turnover Tsunami,” the Wall Street Journal ran an article citing some interesting findings from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


In the first quarter of 2010, for the first time in fifteen months, the number of employees voluntarily quitting exceeded the number being fired or discharged for other reasons.  Bottom line:  Employees who had hunkered down during the Great Recession are lifting their heads up and looking for greener pastures.


It provides fresh support for the notion that businesses need to start shifting their focus from workforce reduction to workforce retention.  Creating a positive and compelling employee experience – accounting for everything from talent acquisition to onboarding to workplace environment to career development – is essential in maximizing employee engagement and, consequently, customer loyalty.


The next time one of your top employees makes a special appointment to see you, or closes the door behind them when entering your office, will they have a resignation letter in hand?  Read the Wall Street Journal article and start thinking about what you can do to create an employee experience that cements loyalty, instead of destroying it.