A New Way To Win The War For Talent

Tired of competing for talent on the same old dimensions?  This post is for you!

Tired of competing for talent on the same old dimensions?  Salary, benefits, work/life balance, advancement opportunities, etc…


I recently spoke on this topic at the 2011 MDRT Conference, the premier gathering for the world’s most successful financial professionals.


In this article adapted from my speech, I describe how employers can break free from traditional modes of talent competition by creating a candidate experience that sets their company apart from all others.


Like any type of customer, employment candidates’ perceptions about companies are shaped more by a firm’s actions than its words.  The experience you deliver to job applicants speaks volumes about your brand – and could give you the edge you’re looking for to draw new talent into the fold.


Learn more by reading the article in MDRT’s “Round The Table” magazine.