Lessons From The Apocoflix: A New Educational Program

Announcing a new Watermark educational program that helps leaders navigate customers and employees through change.

It was the day Netflix customers saw red – July 12, 2011.  That’s when the company announced a series of changes, including an increase in prices and a spin-off of its DVD rental business.

Customers revolted against the moves, and Netflix employees weren’t too happy about it, either. Within three months, the firm lost nearly a million customers and saw its stock price plummet by over 75%.

What can your business learn from the Netflix debacle?  Quite a lot – because change may not be easy, but lots of companies make it harder than it needs to be!

Watermark’s newest educational program – “Lessons From The Apocoflix” – will introduce your company leaders to key principles for successfully navigating customers and employees through significant change.

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