The 2016 Customer Experience ROI Study
 (Insurance Industry Edition)

Watermark releases its first sector-specific Customer Experience ROI study!

The Watermark Consulting 2016 Customer Experience ROI Study -- Insurance EditionSeven years ago, we launched the Customer Experience ROI Study to illustrate the impact of a great customer experience – using the universal business “language” of stock market value.  The analysis has since become one of the most widely cited research studies of its kind.

To date, all of our studies were based on cross-industry customer experience ratings, covering more than 200 companies from over a dozen sectors. But readers of the studies often asked us:  Had we conducted a similar ROI analysis within specific industries?  We hadn’t…  until now.

Watermark Consulting is pleased to release our first sector-specific Customer Experience ROI analysis, covering the insurance industry.  As was the case with our previous studies, the results of this one are sure to make many business leaders rethink their priorities.