The 2017 Customer Experience ROI Study
 (Airline Industry Edition)

Airlines get quite a lift from a great customer experience.

Customer Experience ROI Study (Airline Edition)Eight years ago, Watermark Consulting launched the Customer Experience ROI Study to illustrate the impact of a great customer experience – using the universal business “language” of stock market value.  The analysis has since become one of the most widely cited research studies of its kind.

We started with a cross-industry study that covered more than 200 companies over a dozen sectors.  We then moved on to our first sector-specific Customer Experience ROI analysis, focused on the insurance industry.

This year we’ve expanded the ROI Study to yet another industry, one that consumers love to hate — airlines. Could there possibly be a Customer Experience ROI in such a seemingly commoditized business?  The answer holds lessons not just for airline executives, but for any business leader who questions the value of customer-centricity.